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If you are interested in applying for the DV Lottery 2021 you must fill out the Visa Lottery application form completely.

Precisely, we will now explain to you how to fill out this form, including step by step instructions listing all you need to do in order to enter the right information and thus, clarifying all of your doubts.

If you follow through with everything we will detail here, filling out the DV Lottery 2021 on-line form will be so much easier than what you might have thought.

You won’t need any help submit the form because we will explain everything here in detail so you can fill it out on your own.

To submit your application you will have only 30 minutes, so we recommend you read the instructions we’ll list next so you can do it easily and with no risk of your section running out of time.

Otherwise, you’ll need to start over in case you already had some of the form filled in.

The American Visa Lottery form has no cost and it must be filled in completely if you’d like to be eligible and to participate in this program.


What information do I need to fill out the DV Lottery 2021 application form?

In general, the information you need to enter in the Visa Lottery form is very simple personal information.

For the fiscal year 2021, a valid passport number is required, which is a new added requirement.

If you’d like to check all the other requirements in order to know if you are eligible or not, you can check another article we have published on our website where we explain all the information about the Visa Lottery which will be quite useful for you.

The first thing you need to do to submit your application is to access the form through the official website of the United States State Department. We’ll leave the link at the end of this article.

Once the page has loaded, some buttons will appear, but you only need to click the green one that says Begin Entry.

Next, an authentication code will appear on the screen, write it, click on Continue and the form will be loaded so you can start entering your personal information.

The Visa Lottery on-line form has 15 steps which need to be completed in order to submit a valid application.

All the pictures published in this article were taken from the official website of the Visa Lottery, aimed to show how the page works and facilitate the comprehension of the application process.

Filling in the application form

1.- The first step will ask about your name and you’ll have to enter your last name, first name and middle name in this order.

In this case you don’t have a middle name; all you need to do is to mark the “No middle name” button bellow.

On the other hand, if you have three names, you only need to enter your first and middle name since those are the one requested by the form.

2.- The next section will be about the sex, and you will need to mark if you are female or male.

3.- In the Birth Date section you’ll have to enter it using the format mmddyy

4.- In this step you’ll have to enter the city where you were born.

5.- And here the country where you were born.

6.- The next information required is to select whether your country is or isn’t eligible to participate in the American Visa Lottery. This section is called “Country of Eligibility for the DV Program”.

Cuba is among the eligible countries, but in the case you are not from Cuba, you can check the eligible countries for the DV Lottery 2021 here.

7.- The next section is the new requirement added this year which is to have a valid passport. Here you’ll have to enter your first name as it appears on your passport, as well as your first name and middle name (if you have one).

You’ll also have to enter your passport number and bellow its expiration date.

It doesn’t matter if your passport will expire within a couple of months (one, two or three); what matters is that it hasn’t expired when you submit your application.

So, if you have a passport but it has already expired, you won’t be able to enter it. You’ll need a new one.

Also, you’ll have to enter the country that issued the passport.

8.- Next, where it says Entrant Photograph you’ll need to attach the visa digital photograph with the requirements used in this program.

Click the button that says Choose New Photo and select the picture you will upload for the application.

The photograph must fulfill these basic requirements:

  • 600×600 pixels of resolution
  • White or light background
  • JPG format with a size of 240 kb or less

On our website we also explain all of the requirements for this kind of photograph. And within some hours we will upload below this section a new video explaining this even further.

In the same way you can click where it says Link to Photo instructions/Photo Examples page so you can check the characteristics of an eligible photograph as well as look at some examples of right and wrong photos that you can compare with yours.

<iframe width=”800″ height=”430″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/JYCPZvmciYg?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

9.- This section (Mailing address) is about entering your address. In this case there are some sub-sections in which you will have to enter the following information

    • In care of (optional): here you may enter the name of someone to ask for when contacting you. This is optional so you may or may not enter a name.
    • Address line 1: enter here the full address of your current residence.
    • Address line 2 (optional): you can enter here a second address in case you wouldn’t be able to get in contact at the first one. But this is optional, if you don’t have one don’t enter it.
    • City/Town: the city of your address
    • District/Country/Province/State: the district, country, province or state where your city or town belongs depending on the administrative division of your country.
    • Postal Code/Zip Code: introduce here your postal code, if you don’t have one mark the chart below.
    • Country: the country of current residence

10.- The next section is Country Where You Live Today and you need to enter the country of your current residence.

11.- On the Phone Number section add a phone number you can be in touch with.

This phone number can be of a landline phone or a cell phone and entering it is optional but we recommend you to do it.

12.- The E-mail Address section has two sub-section, the first one (a)) is to enter your e-mail address so you can check if you have received an e-mail giving you some information or instructions in case you have won the lottery. The second sub-section (b)) is to confirm the e-mail you entered. This section is very important to fill in your application.

School level to apply to the Visa Lottery

13.- Now you will have to choose among the options given your school level in the section What is the highest level of education you have achieved as of today. The available options are the next:

    • Primary School only
    • High School, no degree
    • High School, degree
    • Vocational School
    • Some University Courses
    • University Degree
    • Some Graduate Level Courses
    • Master’s Degree
    • Some Doctorate Level Courses
  • Doctorate Degree

You must choose the highest and finished school level you have. We recommend you to have a High school degree to be eligible to participate in the lottery.

There is another possibility of still being eligible in case you don’t fulfill the minimum school level required, and this is if you are a skilled worker in a trade that requires a minimum of 2 years of study.

The United States State Department offers a website where you can check if your trade qualifies, as well as the video we have uploaded at the end of this article where we explain this.

<iframe width=”800″ height=”430″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/eBfVqPkEJYI?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

14.- Select your marital status in the section What is your current marital status according to the options given:

  • Unmarried
  • Married and my spouse is Not a U.S citizen Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR)
  • Married and my spouse IS a U.S citizen Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR)
  • Divorced
  • Widower
  • Legally Separated (Enter Spouse Information)

15.- And the last piece of information requested in this first part of the form is to introduce the number of children in the section Number of Children. Here you must enter all your legitimate/illegitimate or adopted children as well as your step-children as long as they are under 21 and single. Even though they don’t live with you or they don’t have the desire to travel with you, it’s mandatory to include them on your form, unless they are permanent residents of the United States.

If you don’t add them all, you will be immediately disqualified.

Once you have finished entering all of your information, click Continue, if you are not married it, a page where you can check over everything you have entered to verify if it’s correct will appear.

In case you made a mistake, go back to the previous page clicking on the blue button at the top of the page.

If everything is right, click on Continue and then a new page will appear, giving you the unique confirmation number for your application.

On the other hand, if you’re married or have children, you must fill in the second part of the form entering your spouse and children’s personal information and photographs.

Except if your spouse is a permanent resident or a citizen of the United States.

In the same way if you need to rectify any information you entered incorrectly, click on one of the blue buttons at the top of the page to go back to the page you need.

It’s really important you keep your confirmation number safe because this is the only way to check if you are a winner of the DV Lottery 2021.

You can access the official website to apply here. https://dvlottery.state.gov

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