Upcoming ETECSA International Recharge Promotion

Upcoming ETECSA International Recharge Promotion march

March has not yet begun and ETECSA has already launched a new international recharge offer for that month with several offers that will surely be of your interest. ETECSA’s New International Recharge Offer The promotion will be valid from March 4th and will extend until the 31st, the last day of that month. Promotion Details

Undocumented Immigrant in the United States? These Are the States with the Most and Least Severe Anti-Immigration Laws

These Are the States with the Most and Least Severe Anti-Immigration Laws in US

One of the biggest challenges undocumented immigrants in the United States may face is the state in which they reside with that immigration status. U.S. states regulate immigration in various ways, some more strictly than others. Just as there are states that implement severe regulations that make crossing borders, working, accessing education, and healthcare among

Do you live in Florida and need help getting medical services? Here are the Requirements for Medicaid.

Here are the requirements for Medicaid in Florida

If you live in the state of Florida and need health insurance, you may qualify for Medicaid if you meet certain state-imposed requirements. Medicaid is a joint program launched by the government and the state to offer medical assistance to individuals and families with low incomes. In Florida specifically, it’s administered by the Florida Agency

Up to $1,750 in Tax Credit in this U.S. State

Up to 1750 in Tax Credit in this U.S. State

A U.S. state is providing financial support through a tax credit of up to $1,750 to families in financial need. It’s Minnesota, a region that announced the Working Families and Children Tax Credit (CTC), fully refundable and available to low-income individuals. It’s estimated that more than 500,000 children will benefit from this credit in nearly

Eligible and ineligible countries for the DV-2023 Visa Lottery

dv 2023 visa lottery Eligible countries

¿Quieres conocer si tu país está entre los Elegibles para Participar en la Lotería de Visas 2023? Te lo explicamos TODO a continuación. El siguiente listado oficial emitido por el Departamento de Estado da a conocer cuáles son los países No Elegibles para participar en La Lotería de Visas de Estados Unidos. Esto quiere decir

DV-2023 Visa Lottery Requirements

DV-2023 Visa Lottery Requirements

Tan solo existen 2 Requisitos para participar en la Lotería de Visas DV-2023 que son sencillos pero muy necesarios: IndiceRequisito #1 Ser de un País ElegibleRequisito #2 Nivel de Educación Requisito #1 Ser de un País Elegible El primer requisito para la Lotería de Visas 2023 es indispensable, aunque tiene una forma de conseguirlo sino lo

Electric Bikes to Send to Cuba

electric bikes to cuba

If you are looking to buy and send electric bikes to Cuba, you are at the right place. We have electric bikes for all needs, from the simplest and cheapest to the largest ones with better features. We also have the best electric bike brands available, from UNIZUKI to BUCATTI and MISHOZUKI. Similarly, if you

DV-2022 Visa Lottery Results

DV 2022 Visa Lottery Results

We tell you how to know the DV-2022 Visa Lottery results, the date you can start checking, in addition to how to recover the confirmation number and more.



We tell you everything about the Bank of Credit and Commerce of Cuba (BANDEC) when it was created, what its services are, as well as the types of accounts and card it issues and much more.