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Nowadays, call cuba is so much easier thanks to the vast variety of services existing worldwide.

One of the most frequent preoccupations of friends and family of people in the Island is how to call Cuba , the most affordable as possible.

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Precisely, in this article we will help you to find several ways of making affordable and even free calls to Cuba.

In order to do that, we must first know how to make phone calls to Cuba from any place in the world.


How to make calls to Cuba?

In order to make a call to cuba it is important to bear in mind some general aspects we will explain now.

Besides knowing the regional phone codes, in case you would like to make a call to a landline phone in some Cuban locality; if you’d like to know how to call Cuba from the United States, Mexico and any other country, these are the steps you should follow.

Firstly, you need to include the international call code and then the country code.

  1. Dial the 00 international calling code, or the + sign.
  2. Add the Cuban-international-calling code which is 53.

The next step is to define if you are going to call a landline phone or a cellphone, because in the first case you’ll need to include the regional calling code and then the phone number.

Whereas if you are going to call a cellphone you will only need to put the phone number after the Cuban-international-calling code.

So, if you want to know how to call Cuban landline phone or cellphone, the dialing will be as follows:

  • Landline phone: +53/regional call code/phone number
  • Cellphone: +53/cellphone number

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Regional call codes to call a landline phone in Cuba

  • Pinar del Río 48
  • Artemisa 47
  • Mayabeque 47
  • Havana City  7
  • Matanzas 45
  • Villa Clara 42
  • Cienfuegos 43
  • Sancti Spiritus 41
  • Ciego de Avila 33
  • Camaguey 32
  • Las Tunas 31
  • Holguín 24
  • Granma 23
  • Santiago de Cuba 22
  • Guantánamo 21
  • Isla de la Juventud 46

Cheap calls to Cuba

As we already know the appropriate way of calling a phone in Cuba, it is time to search for the cheapest offers to communicate.

In this way, there are many ways to make affordable phone calls to Cuba, be it a landline phone or a cellphone.

So, if you’d like to know how to use these economical services to talk to your friends and family on the Island, we will explain to you everything here and now.

Among the best offers to make calls to Cuba are the mobile applications, so you will need a cellphone with access to the internet.

On the other hand, if what you wish is to call a landline phone, there are also many offers you can use, that can be also used for cellphones.

For example, Rebtel, Cuballama, Dimecuba, Llamacuba, Ensip and Hablacuba are the best websites with the best qulity services to make calls to the Island.

In general, all of them offer direct and fast calls with the best prices you can find.

International calls made through these websites are connected to a phoneline, which allows the client to save their money.

How much does making calls to Cuba cost?

According to the fees to make calls to Cuba, they change depending on the website you use.

  • Rebtel has fees of 0.79 cents per minute when calling to a landline phone and 79.9 cents per minute when calling cellphones. In addition, it has an offer of 20 minutes with a cost of 5 dollars for new users only.
  • Cuballama has a regular fee of 0.49 cents per minute to a landline phone and 0.69 cents per minute to cellphones and landline phones.
  • Through Dimecuba the calls to landline phones cost 0.49 cents per minute when using the junior route and 0.69 cents per minute when using the Premium route; while when calling to a cellphone it costs 0.69 cents per minute.
  • Ensip is another platform to make phone calls to the Island with fees of 0.68 cent per minute for both landline phones and cellphones.
  • Hablacuba offers fees of 0.61 cents per minute for both landline phones and cellphones.

In all the websites previously mentioned, it is necessary to have a user account and buy credit to make further calls.

In addition, many of these websites offer night fees between midnight and seven in the morning, which are much more economical.

How to make free calls to Cuba? 

In most of the available websites to call to the Island, the user can accumulate minutes and make free calls on multiple occasions.

These promotions to call for free to Cuba vary depending on significant date of the year or according to the credit you’ve been saving.

When using Rebtel you can enjoy this option since it offers a free minute when you sign up.

If you are a regular client, they give you the possibility of saving credit you can use to make free calls. The same thing is offered when using Cuballama, Megaconecta, Dimecuba, Llamacuba and others.

Also, many of their offers sometimes include the possibility of making a free 5-minute call cuba or even a 10-minute one.

When using Dimecuba and Llamacuba they give you your first call free, and when you keep using it, they give you 1 or 2 minutes.

Meanwhile, Megaconecta’s new users receive some free minutes when making their first payment. For instance, if you pay $5 you will get 10 free minutes.

You can also make free calls to Cuba when you use the mobile applications of these websites.

Mobile applications to make free calls to Cuba

The best applications to make phones to Cuba also include in many cases free call services.

For instance, when using the Rebtel application you can make free calls in your first attempt for 5 minutes, and afterwards when you accumulate minutes.

Rebtel Activista is the option that allows you to make free calls if you join their program and suggest other people to do so, too.

Cuballama is another app that allows you to make free calls to Cuba, but only when you have won gifts.

However, there are other apps that allow you to do this when using WiFi or mobile data.

Nowadays, calls to Cuba through the internet are made using apps such as IMO, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, which are the most popular ones.

They all offer the audio call service for free, with the inconvenience that the person in Cuba will have to pay for the access to the internet.

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