Temporary Suspension of Remittance Shipments to Cuba with Sendvalu: What You Need to Know

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In an unexpected turn of events that could affect many Cubans and people of other nationalities who send money to their loved ones in Cuba, Sendvalu, the money transfer platform, has announced a temporary suspension of its remittance services to the island.

This announcement may result in a hard blow for many families who depend on these remittances for their daily livelihood.

What’s happening?

Sendvalu, as indicated, has been forced to temporarily pause money transfers to Cuba. The reason behind this decision are the “current banking circumstances” which, although not fully detailed, are understood to be beyond the company’s control.

These types of situations often involve international regulations, sanctions, or changes in banking policies that affect how companies like Sendvalu can operate.

What does this mean for you?

If you are one of the many people who use Sendvalu to send money to Cuba, this means that, for the moment, you will have to look for alternatives to support your loved ones.

The good news is that transactions made before this announcement will be processed as usual. Additionally, Sendvalu assures that this is a temporary setback and is actively working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

What now?

In the meantime, Sendvalu has confirmed that it continues to process money transfers to other countries without interruption, which is a relief for those who depend on their services to send money to other destinations.

Moreover, other services related to Cuba, such as the purchase of gift cards and top-ups for Mandao and La Jabalina, remain active, demonstrating the company’s commitment to its customers despite the current circumstances.

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Words from Sendvalu

The company has expressed its understanding of the inconvenience this suspension may cause and sincerely apologizes for any disruption to its customers’ financial plans.

It also commits to keeping everyone informed about any developments related to the resumption of services to Cuba.

“Our commitment to providing efficient and secure cross-border payment services remains firm,” they assure from Sendvalu.

What can you do?

If this suspension affects your plans to send money to Cuba, it is advisable to explore other available options while Sendvalu works on a solution.

Additionally, staying in touch with Sendvalu’s customer service could provide you with important updates and possibly alternatives recommended by the company.

This moment is a reminder of the complexity of the global financial landscape and how circumstances beyond our control can significantly impact daily life.

For any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Sendvalu’s customer service team.

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