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If you want to know how to send money with Sendvalu to your relatives and friends in Cuba, we’ll explain everything to you here.

Sendvalu is one of the best platforms to send money to Cuba in an easy and safe way and with lower fees.

The process is quite easy, and in just 3 steps you can send money to a card or bank account in Cuba.

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How to send money with Sendvalu to Cuba?

If it is the first time you will send money with Sendvalu, you have to sign up first by creating a new account Here inputting the following information:

  • E-mail address
  • Password

After creating the new account, you’ll need to activate it by clicking the link on the activation e-mail you’ll receive, and then you can start sending money by following the next steps:

  • Choose the country of origin
  • Choose the country where the money will be sent.
  • Define the type of transaction. In the case of Cuba, it can be done through an AIS debit card, an AIS-USD card, a debit card from Banco Metropolitano in USD or CUC, a BPA debit card in USD or CUC or by cash pickup.
  • Choose the amount of money and the currency in which the transaction will be done.

Therefore, when clicking on the Continue button, you have to input the recipient’s personal information.

  • Province
  • City
  • Name and last name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Identification number
  • Card number

Lastly, the recipient must give information about the payment (only the necessary information, as opposed to other sites) and finish with the sending.

How long does it take the money to arrive that I send through Sendvalu?

We have sent money with Sendvalu and it has arrived in less than 24 hours.

We got a notification by e-mail as soon as the transaction was done, another when the money arrived at FINCIMEX, and when the money was available on the card. The entire process was perfect with no setbacks.

Can I send money from the United States with Sendvalu?

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No, at the moment it’s not possible to send money to Cuba with Sendvalu from the United States, due to American bank regulations.

Nevertheless, we have been informed that they expect this will only be a temporary situation.

From what countries can I send money through Sendvalu?

With Sendvalu you can send money from any country in the world except for Russia, Seychelles, The Cayman Islands, Reunion Island, Bahrain, Barbados and the Unites States.

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