Up to $500 Dollars in Aid in this State of the United States: Last Days to Apply

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A state in the United States is providing financial assistance of up to $500 dollars for heating payments, official publications indicate.

Connecticut’s Heating Assistance Program

The initiative is undertaken in Connecticut and is led by Operation Fuel, also with partial funding from the state government, with which direct payments of that amount will be issued for the heating service.

Eligibility and Application Requirements

With the assistance granted once a year, support will be provided to low-income households, but certain requirements must be met to apply.

Applicants must submit proof of income for all household members for a month prior to the application before March 1, 2024.

For those using fuel heating, the name of their provider must be presented, whether it be Eversource, UI, Yankee Gas, SCG, and GNC.

If the resident uses electricity, the allowed providers are Eversource, UI, and Norwalk Public Utilities, and for water, the qualifying providers are CT Water and the Metropolitan District (MDC).

In all cases, the utility bill and payment history must be presented.

Among the eligibility requirements, it is also noted that applicants must comply with an income limit that does not exceed 75 percent of the federal level.

Other conditions such as the presence in the household of elderly adults, disabled individuals, and families facing financial crises will be considered.

Income Limits for Assistance

The minimum income amounts established according to the number of members in the household to receive this financial relief are as follows:

  • 1 person: $51,941 dollars
  • 2 people: $67,923 dollars
  • 3 people: $83,905 dollars
  • 4 people: $99,888 dollars
  • 5 people: $115,870 dollars
  • 6 people: $131,852 dollars
  • 7 people: $134,848 dollars
  • 8 people: $137,845 dollars

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