A Di Tú in Texas: Check Out This New Proposal from Cubans in the United States

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According to recent social media posts, a Di Tú, a Cuban-style gastronomic site, has been opened by island residents in the state of Texas.

A Unique Proposal in Houston

It is a small establishment inaugurated in Houston where Cuban entrepreneurs emigrated push forward with a unique proposal.

Key Aspects of Di Tú

Several aspects attract attention: the name they chose for it, Di Tú, the characteristics of the site, and the prices at which their offers are sold.

The place is called Di Tú, like the fast-food cafeterias that were very popular on the island a few years ago and gradually fell into decline until they disappeared.

The Cuban emigrants in Houston did not change a single letter of their venture in the United States and now you can see a cafeteria with the usual red and white logos and the glass through which the interior can be seen.

Perhaps among their reasons was not only to succeed in the country in which they have started a new life but also to take something that represents their country of origin in some way.

Offers and Ambiance

The place, as promoted in the video, has two areas for customers, one as an outdoor terrace and another inside the cafeteria.

Beer in thermoses on tables, fried chicken, croquettes, a good presence of typically Cuban dishes, well prepared and with prices accessible to visitors are the offers that are known so far.

It opens every day until ten at night during the week and on weekends until 12, and also, it reserves space for dancing and having a good time in the Cuban style.

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Embracing Cuban Roots in Business

But this is not the first time that similar businesses have been undertaken with others that existed or exist on the island.

The same in Houston as in Miami and other places, you can find pizza vendors, stylists, and restaurant businesses run by Cubans, people who work for success in the United States without forgetting their roots.

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