Classics by the Bay: This is How Miami Dade Will Celebrate the Classic Car Exhibition

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In Miami – Dade, an important exhibition will take place, to find out what it is about we invite you to read the entire article.

Classic Car Exhibition in Miami – Dade

According to official sources, this Sunday, February 25, the classic car exhibition (Classics by the Bay) will be held in the city of Miami – Dade in its eighteenth edition.

The classic car exhibition will specifically take place in Homestead Bayfront Park and Marina, an emblematic site of Miami – Dade County.

Additional Attractions

They also report that other attractions can be enjoyed such as food sales, a site designated for children, DJ performance, and a space for swimming in the pool.

From 9 in the morning until six in the evening, the classic car exhibition event, Classics by the Bay, will take place, in addition to the other activities that are developed parallel to the central celebration.

Sponsorship and Support

Among the sponsors of the event will be Kionne L. McGhee, Commissioner of District number 9 of Miami – Dade County, and the Department of Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces also belonging to the County.

In the case of the latter, it can be added that it occupies the third place within the largest park system in the entire United States, grouping more than 285 parks, as well as around 40 thousand acres between natural areas and parks.

Pet Adoption Opportunity

In addition to the attractions described so far, attendees to the exhibition will also have the Department of Animal Services (ASD) together with the Pet Protection and Adoption Center offering the opportunity to meet varieties of animals and to be able to adopt pets.

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As has occurred in previous editions, entry to the Classics by the Bay exhibition of Miami – Dade County is free, only parking will be paid with a fee of seven dollars which can be paid through the application (Pay by Phone) or at the site where you are going to park.

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