Trouble Sending Money to Cuba? These are the Ways that Work Right Now!!

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Since January, several agencies through which family and friends were sending money to Cuba have temporarily suspended their services.

Among them are Western Union, Small World, and Kuzafi, three of the safest and most used by customers needing to make shipments.

A problem related to a “computer virus,” the Cuban government assured, initially prevented the updating of fuel prices, and then the agencies began to publicly acknowledge difficulties with remittances to Cuba.

Although Fincimex assured that shipments could be canceled and that money senders would not lose their amounts sent to Cuba, the annoying stoppage in services continues to affect many Cubans.

And it’s not that they are completely stopped through banks, it’s that they started, but very slowly and therefore many still do not see their money on card.

The good news amidst this is that there are several agencies that have not suspended shipments and through them, you could carry out the procedure.

The main ones are Tropipay, Sendvalu, Vacuba, Tocopay, and Fonmoney, and you can also make bank transfers with CaixaBank, BBVA, and others if you prefer this type of transaction.

Tropipay allows you to send money to the island quickly and securely from anywhere in the world and you would only have a three percent discount if you pay with the balance of your TropiPay account.

CaixaBank, for its part, offers a foreign transfer service called CaixaBank HomePay-CaixaGiros that allows its clients to send money to Cuba and if you do it once a month it will not charge you a commission.

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Sendvalu offers different deposit options such as cash deliveries at no additional cost to your home in US dollars, euros, and the Cuban peso, always in exact amounts, i.e., 100, 200, 300… 900.

Euros are only available in Havana and dollars in all provinces and the process takes a delivery time between 3 and 5 working days.

Vacuba allows its customers to send money in person or online and Tocopay is one of the most efficient currently with deliveries to AIS cards in dollars, national currency, and non-cash of up to 3 THOUSAND USD or EUR in a natural quarter. It can also deposit your money in BANDEC, BPA, or BANMET.

Fonmoney sends money to Cuba by bank transfer to USD and CUC cards associated with accounts from Banco Metropolitano, BPA, and BANDEC and can also do it to AIS debit cards and AIS-USD cards in approximately 72 hours.

In the case of bank transfers from abroad with BANDEC, there are also different variants that we now recommend.

The correspondent banks of this financial entity in Cuba are as follows:

  • Banco do Brasil, in Frankfurt, Germany
  • National Bank of Canada, in Montreal, Canada
  • Abanca Corporación Bancaria S.A., in Madrid, Spain
  • Banco de Sabadell S.A., in Sabadell, Spain
  • Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A., in Madrid, Spain
  • CaixaBank, S.A., in Barcelona, Spain
  • CecaBank, S.A., in Madrid, Spain
  • Intensa de San Paolo, S.P.A, in Milan, Italy
  • Havin Bank, in London, United Kingdom
  • Nordea Bank AB (PUBL), in Stockholm, Sweden

The SWIFT Code to complete your operation is as follows: BDCRCUHHXXX.

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