Amazing Data! See How Exports from the United States to Cuba Grow

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Almost like solving a Quantum Physics exercise would be to understand the growth of exports to Cuba from the United States, but it is real.

Official figures confirm that in 2023, economic activities driven by private American companies have increased this line, precisely from that country that imposes restrictions on the island.

According to data published by the United States-Cuba Economic and Trade Council, said private companies, especially based in Miami and Hialeah, boosted the importation of food and agricultural products estimated at $342.6 million dollars.

Statistics agree that since 2021, the date on which Cuba gave the green light to the creation of SMEs, the activity has gradually increased.

The most notable case is that of food and agricultural products which, by December 2023, were at more than $45 million dollars, growing 14.8 percent more than in 2021.

Among the most entered food products to the island were meat, chicken legs and thighs, coffee, concentrated and unsweetened milk/cream, as well as processed and frozen pork meat and calcium phosphates.

American companies export to the island and boost exports directed to the Port of Mariel and allow the growth of SMEs, nascent Cuban private businesses.

Humanitarian Donations in 2023 were about approximately $37 million dollars, humanitarian items donated that are generally delivered to Cuba through airlines or containers on ships and never in personal deliveries.

Even under embargo conditions, there are exceptions to allow exports of medical supplies and for this concept, as reported on X by the US Embassy in Cuba, the US government approved in 2023 close to 900 million dollars in medical exports to the island.

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And this includes medical instruments, medicines, toothpastes, among many others, which are most of the time transported by visiting relatives to the island and therefore, are not registered with official figures by the organization.

Data that makes us rethink the issue with the well-known verse of the blockade repeated time and again in the background “And yet, it moves,” as Galileo Galilei once said.

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