This is What Medicuba Says: The United States Does Not Export Medical Supplies to Cuba

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At a recent press conference, authorities from the Importer and Exporter of Medical Products Society (MediCuba S.A.) stated that the United States does not export medical supplies to Cuba.

Armando Garrido Beracierto, president of MediCuba S.A., said that the claim echoed by the American press is false and malicious and aims to “divert attention from the pressures generated by the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by that country on the island…”

The official stated that no pharmaceutical company from the northern country has commercial or financial links with MediCuba and provided some data in this regard.

In 2023, Garrido Beracierto mentioned, his company contacted 69 American companies to do business.

Out of the total, only five responded, and of those, three declined, and the two that agreed have not yet been incorporated into MediCuba’s business portfolio.

He also referred to other aspects to support his stance, such as the lack of access to credits and the persecution of financial and banking transactions by the American authorities.

The issue in question stems from a recent publication by América TV based on statistics provided by the United States-Cuba Economic and Trade Council.

The report reflects that exports grew in 2023 from the northern country to the island and includes a section on medical supplies.

About $37 million dollars were directed towards humanitarian donations delivered to Cuba in containers or by air, according to the data.

The information is also confirmed on the official website of the American embassy in Cuba on the social network X.

In a post thread from July 8, 2023, the diplomatic office stated that in that year, its government had approved close to 900 million dollars in medical exports to Cuba and that there were exceptions to export medical supplies.

Despite all that has been affirmed by both the embassy and the council, the Cuban government maintains that it is not true and that from that country there is a desire to highlight that internal inefficiencies are the main causes of the shortage of medicines and thus mask its hostile policy towards Cuba and its people.

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