Initiate Immigration Procedure for Cubans and Other Migrants Detained by Mexican Authorities

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The National Institute of Migration (INM) disclosed in a statement information regarding irregular migrants recently located in Yucatán, who are undergoing the Administrative Immigration Procedure (PAM).

This involves the discovery of a total of 150 migrants from eight nationalities detained last Tuesday, February 13, by the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), a public entity of the government, who were located on two passenger buses and could not prove their regular stay in the country.

In the identity verification process, it was confirmed that the individuals come from five countries in America and three in Asia. Specific data is available for a total of 109 single adults, of them 30 women and 79 men from Cuba, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Pakistan, Jordan, and India. Additionally, ten family units comprising 41 people, including eleven unaccompanied minors, are included.

The involved authorities informed the migrants about the procedure to be followed in strict adherence to the law and in respect to their human rights. In this process, Federal Migration Agents used electronic devices for the corresponding translation according to the nationalities of the migrants.

Consequently, the individuals were transferred to the city of Mérida and channeled to the INM Representation Office in this capital, where the Administrative Immigration Procedure was initiated to determine the stay condition in Mexico.

According to the PAM, the immigration status of the involved individuals will be analyzed by the corresponding administrative immigration authorities, and consequently, it will be defined if these people must leave Mexican territory in repatriation to their places of origin through “assisted return” or “deportation,” or if, on the contrary, there is a possibility of temporary stay in the country under certain conditions in case one applies.

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