Are You Cuban and Looking for a 5-Year Visa to the United States? See What You Can Do to Get It Now

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If you are a Cuban citizen and your immediate goal is to obtain approval for a 5-year visa to the United States, this could be your chance to achieve it.

It is a procedure that many Cubans desire, but there are certain conditions imposed that you must be aware of.

Visa Application Conditions

For example, the 5-year visa or B-1 B-2 visa for non-immigrants remains suspended at the United States Embassy on the island and would only be granted in the following cases:

  • If the non-immigrant visa applicant makes a request for a diplomatic or official visa (A or G)
  • If they present an emergency health condition that requires medical treatment in the United States.

Required Documentation for Health Problem Application

In the case of a health problem application, mandatory documents for the procedure are required, such as a letter from a specialist or medical institution in Cuba that includes the diagnosis.

This letter must reflect the willingness and capability to treat the applicant’s medical condition, the duration of the treatment, and the estimated cost of the treatment, including hospitalization fees and associated medical expenses.

Lastly, additional documentation must be added showing the funds the applicant will use to cover costs related to both the medical treatment and personal expenses while in the United States.

Alternative Embassies for Scheduling Interviews

Still, don’t be discouraged because you have the opportunity to do so through a United States embassy or consulate in a third country where you can schedule your interview.

And although there are many possibilities, we must advise you about some places where many Cubans are currently traveling frequently and where, if you are there, you will not have to wait long to schedule your appointment.

  • Paramaribo, Guyana– 9 days
  • Managua, Nicaragua– 1 day
  • Kingston, Jamaica– 30 days
  • Nassau, Bahamas– 5 days
  • Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago– 39 days

This does not mean that these are the only countries where interviews can be scheduled, as Mexico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, and other countries in the area also carry out these procedures, but their waiting times are very long and not feasible for those looking to obtain this category of visa.

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