This State in the United States Will Offer State Stimulus Checks on a Permanent Basis

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Stimulus checks are non-federal economic benefits that allow American citizens to meet certain financial needs within a stable financial base.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic scourge, the federal government ceased the issuance of economic subsidies, but several states have continued issuing checks or tax refunds to their residents.

2024 Stimulus Checks in Various States

During this year, and for the current month of February, a financial collaboration initiative was announced for certain American localities including Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania.

Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD)

In Alaska, the stimulus check is granted through the so-called Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD), which is funded by the profits from the state’s oil and gas reserves, and its constant issuance is estimated.

For the current period edition, a first round of checks was issued since last January 18th of this year. Thus, those citizens whose applications classify with the status of “Eligible-Not paid” can receive the assistance program intended to be completed by next March 2024 if the beneficiaries still do not receive payment by this March 13th of the current year.

However, the submission of applications for classification and receipt of financial aid through the Permanent Fund Dividend is still available to the population, until next Sunday, March 31.

Application Process

The online application can be made by entering this website, and meanwhile, printed applications will be available at PFD offices and distribution centers throughout the state, which can be found at this link.

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According to details provided by the Permanent Fund Dividend Division’s website in the State of Alaska accessible from this link, to make the online application -which is the simplest procedure to execute- you must do so with your myAlaska username.

Regarding this, the myAlaska system is used as a login and signature that functions as an electronic authentication system for user interaction with multiple agencies in the state of Alaska. The PFD Division is associated with myAlaska, but it is a separate entity.

Accessing myPFD with the myAlaska username used to submit your application will show more details of your application and provide options for electronic signing, updating your address and direct deposit, as well as access to your 1099 tax document. The confirmation number that the applicant receives upon completing an online application is evidence of an effective and secure procedure.

Eligibility and Amount

It is valid to note that to access the PFD dividends, the applicant must intend to continue living in the state indefinitely, in addition to not having a criminal record and not having claimed residency in other states during the period to apply.

Regarding the total amount of the 2024 stimulus check, details are not yet precisely specified, however, Governor of Alaska Michael James “Mike” Dunleavy has proposed a payment of $3,000 per person. The amount of the Permanent Fund Dividend for 2023 is $1,312, but regarding the supposed statements by Dunleavy, they are not yet confirmed or detailed, so the exact amount will be determined in the future through the official source of the site.

190,000 Affected by Rainfall in the United States Will Benefit from This Program

Genevieve Wojtusik, the division director, points out that the main objective “is to administer the Permanent Fund Dividend program ensuring that all eligible residents of the state of Alaska receive timely dividends, that fraud is processed, and that all internal and external stakeholders are treated with respect”.

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