Small World Resumes its Remittance Services to Cuba: They Will Be as Follows

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The global financial services company Small World has recently announced through its official page on the social network Facebook that money transfer operations to Cuba are back.

“Do not hesitate to contact our customer service if you need help sending money to your loved ones,”.

announces the agency’s post

Small World’s Global Presence

Small World is spread across almost twenty countries and has departments and offices in the United States, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Congo, Ivory Coast, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Sweden.

The company has an extensive sending network covering more than 180 destinations worldwide with a client base in more than 60 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Africa.

The resumption of services to Cuba adds to the options many people look for to send their monetary shipments to family and loved ones, and it is applicable to a great variability of clients given the possibility of obtaining assistance in more than twenty languages.

Requirements for Sending Money to Cuba

To use this international payment provider’s services to Cuba, you can do so through card recharge or bank deposit. In both cases, the beneficiary must provide the required information regarding personal and contact details, and in such case, an AIS card is required.

The beneficiary in Cuba must be the holder of an AIS or MLC card from the Metropolitan, Popular Savings (BPA), or Credit and Commerce (BANDEC) banks, or have a bank account at one of the above branches, according to the transaction made by the service applicant.

Note: At the moment, AIS USD card remittance shipments are temporarily out of service, according to the announcement on social networks.

Procedure for Sending Money

To carry out the procedure, you can use the transfer method through the Small World app or do it through the company’s website.

For money transfer, you can download the Small World app on the App Store or Android.

Once you access the app, proceed to create an account by selecting Cuba as the destination and entering the details of the person who will receive the service benefits. The progress of the money transfer can be checked through the app itself.

Alternatively, you can also access the services for money shipments by accessing the following link and completing the order service with the amount and delivery method to select.

Monetary Sending Limits

According to Small World’s website, for card recharges, the maximum amount to pay per month is 1,050 USD, and the maximum amount per quarter is 2,100 USD.

For bank deposits, the maximum amount per transaction is 1,000 euros, and the maximum amount per quarter is 2,000 euros.

Transaction Times

According to the official site, for card recharges, the time limit is one week, and for bank deposits, it takes up to only three days.

However, the company notes that the processing time for transactions may vary depending on the bank.

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