Possible Legislation to Protect Workers in Miami Dade Not Approved

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A petition from some workers in South Florida was not approved.

This request was made by some citizens of Miami Dade City, located in South Florida, who work outdoors.

According to official sources, the workers asked the authorities for protection due to outdoor working conditions, exposing themselves to extreme weather conditions under the strong sun of that region.

Just a few hours ago, this petition (bill) was denied due to claims from representatives of the construction and agriculture companies.

The potential law could have been very important for about 80,000 workers who perform their duties outdoors in the Floridian state of the northern country.

However, Miami Dade authorities decided not to approve the bill because in Florida, there is legislation that prevents local governments from establishing laws related to weather conditions (related to heat).

In this regard, Marleine Bastien, commissioner and co-sponsor of the legislative project, specified that it was denied for reasons of state legal rights preferences.

Also, the representative estimates that the bill could be resubmitted and considered for approval.

On the other hand, there is a group called WeCount, tasked with protecting workers exposed to heat, which has been trying for years to achieve some law that protects them from high temperatures.

This year, the demands to approve some legislation favoring those who perform their duties under the intense sun and sweltering heat have become stronger due to the extreme temperatures already recorded in South Florida (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit).

For Esteban Wood, the policy director of WeCount, the situation with high temperatures will not change since the influence of climate change on rising temperatures, which tend to increase every day, is well known.

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The most prudent thing will be to continue insisting on protective legislation for those who work outdoors in Miami Dade City, said Wood.

Employers in agriculture and the construction industry showed their total disagreement with the possible legislation even before the existence of the Law in Florida that prevents counties from establishing laws against heat.

Those opposed to that law believe it would be repeating what is established by the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which already has instituted penalties (fines) against those who violate labor safety related to high temperatures.

Despite the above, those who defend the protection of outdoor workers believe that although the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration is already working to establish a law that favors them, it could take a long time.

Likewise, those who wish for the legislation to exist will not give up the effort until they achieve protection for all workers who perform their duties outdoors.

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