Russia “Will Give Preference” to Vital Resources to Send to Cuba

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A high official from the Russian Federation stated they will send to Cuba a group of resources of crucial importance for the Caribbean island.

Just a few hours ago, Dmitri Chernyshenko, the Prime Minister of Russia, confirmed to official sources that his nation will prioritize the delivery of hydrocarbons, fertilizers, and wheat to the largest island of the Antilles.

The senior official from the Eurasian nation specified that his country granted a new credit to Cuba with the aim of ensuring a stable flow of fertilizers, wheat, oil, and hydrocarbon products, which are greatly needed by the island.

These statements from Chernyshenko stem from the twenty-first session of the Cuban-Russian Intergovernmental Commission on Economic-Commercial and Scientific-Technical Collaboration recently held in Russia.

During the work session, also co-chair of the commission, revealed that in the preceding year about 100 Russian companies operated on Caribbean soil.

At the same time, he mentioned several entities interested in making investments on the island, among the most outstanding are those in energy, heavy industry, agriculture, banking, tourism, and the area of information technology.

In Chernyshenko’s opinion, the realization of these cooperation agreements will be beneficial for both parties since, in a short time, companies from the Eurasian giant will be operating in Cuba.

In this sense, he also informed about the probable opening of commercial offices of various Russian banking branches on the island.

He recalled that since 2023, MIR payment cards were introduced in Cuba, which represented a significant step forward in terms of interbank relations between Russia and the Caribbean island.

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Alla Bákina, Director of the National Payment System Department of the Bank of Russia, also spoke at the meeting, referring to the technological assurance carried out by the two countries to establish banking flows and guarantee bilateral trade.

The Cuban side that attended this high-level meeting in Russia was led by Ricardo Cabrisas, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, and was accompanied by Juan Carlos García and Juana Lilia Delgado, Ministers of Tourism and the Central Bank, respectively.

Also present were several deputy ministers and officials involved in the Russian-Cuban cooperation agreements, as well as Julio Garmendía, Ambassador of Cuba in Russia.

These assertions give a sort of hope to Cubans who are suffering a difficult economic crisis and see in these cooperation contracts a possible solution to the shortage of food, power outages of more than eight hours, and the high prices of products.

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