Did the Kidnapped Cuban Doctors in Kenya Die? This is What MINREX Says

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba (MINREX) spoke out about recent claims regarding the death of Cuban doctors kidnapped in Kenya.

According to official posts on the social network X, MINREX states that the truthfulness of the events reported by some unofficial media is still unknown.

The reports claim that doctors Assel Herrera Correa and Landy Rodríguez Hernández, kidnapped in the community of Mandera, Kenya, on April 12, 2019, died in a bombing last Thursday, February 15.

Supposedly, the doctors died, indicate the unofficial media, in Somalia during an attack with drones directed by the United States in the city of Jilib, in the Lower Juba region.

The diplomatic institution clarifies that the information has not been confirmed through the relevant channels.

It also indicates that they are in constant communication with Kenyan and Somali counterparts.

“So far, this information has not been confirmed. In this regard, the Cuban authorities remain in permanent communication with their Kenyan and Somali counterparts, and our people will be immediately informed,”

wrote MINREX on X.

In case any information is received, whether confirmatory or not, the Cuban people will be immediately informed, assures MINREX.

The Cuban doctors Assel Herrera, a specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine, and the surgeon Landy Rodríguez, were kidnapped in 2019 while working in the rural areas of Kenya.

Both were part of the Cuban medical mission in that African country as part of the international collaboration provided by Cuba to several countries in Africa and other regions of the world.

Since that moment, the Cuban government has carried out various actions through the group created for this purpose, maintaining contact with the authorities of that country, but so far all attempts have been unsuccessful, and their exact whereabouts are unknown.

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