Will Undocumented Cuban Migrants Be Released at the US Border? Latest News and Analysis

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Several US media outlets address the issue of the release of undocumented migrants, including Cubans, at the US border.

It would seem that, following the disapproval of the package of measures to secure the border, ICE is in trouble due to the lack of funds to sustain the number of undocumented migrants in detention centers.

However, as logical as the measure might seem, so far the agency has not officially pronounced on these types of procedures to alleviate the situation.

It is true that the budget deficit affects the maintenance of such centers where it is estimated there are about 32,000 beds, which are insufficient given the current migratory flow.

But from there to the immediate release of irregular migrants is a long stretch.

Most have applied for asylum and are waiting for a judicial resolution to clarify their illegal situation in the country, but we reiterate, so far nothing concrete.

Press releases continue to report on deportation flights. But as in immigration matters two and two may not be four, if this measure were approved, it would not benefit all irregular migrants.

Perhaps those with appropriate moral behavior, considered reliable to wait for their resolution and to be in contact with the Immigration Office, either in person or by phone, would apply.

The requirements would surely include a thorough review of criminal records and the life history of each case and not represent a danger to the US citizenry.

We would have to wait for an official statement from the government or its agencies to verify the reality of what is now “what some official declared anonymously” or what some media outlet takes for granted.

If true, many Cubans who are currently in detention centers could benefit.

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