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On March 7th, the supermarket chain Walmart issued a statement to customers regarding certain modifications to home delivery services set to be implemented during the current month.

Aiming to provide innovative solutions in shopping experiences according to daylight saving time, the multinational corporation offers users a new service feature consisting of express early morning delivery on request.

Thus, starting at 6:00 am, customers can request home delivery service with the assurance that their order will be delivered at dawn.

This extension of service variation is due to the start of daylight saving time on the second Sunday of March, in an effort to better utilize daylight hours, so thousands of items in-store and millions more online are fully available to users.

The service is free for those members who have the Walmart Plus membership benefit. In contrast, those without a subscription will have to pay $10 for an immediate delivery of up to 30 minutes, or $5 for a delivery within a timeframe of up to three hours.

Regarding this, the retail company’s statement expresses: “With Walmart’s early morning on-demand delivery and a set of other convenient options, we ensure you have what you need, when you need it, so you can reclaim your time regardless of what the clock says.”

Each week, around 255 million customers visit an average of more than 10,500 stores and numerous e-commerce websites in a total of 19 countries. The reach of this American-origin store corporation makes it a leader in corporate sustainability.

According to information provided by the company’s website, revenues in fiscal year 2024 amounted to an average of $648 billion, a result of constant efforts to meet the growing demand of consumers.

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Walmart employs approximately 2.1 million associates worldwide and constantly implements new strategies for professional and communicational sales growth.

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