Stimulus Checks of Up to $6000 Dollars a Year in These Two U.S. Cities

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Financial aids provided by some U.S. states act as an economic relief for benefited families. Such is the case of California, which enables stimulus checks for eligible candidates in two of its localities.

The monetary benefits are directed to some inhabitants of Fresno County, following the implementation of the Advancing Fresno County Guaranteed Income program, after approval by the Economic Opportunities Commission.

Who are the eligible candidates for stimulus checks in Fresno?

Not all inhabitants of Fresno County are eligible to obtain financial assistance, as it is only applicable to two areas.

Thus, citizens aspiring for eligibility must reside in these ZIP codes: 93706 (southwest Fresno) and 93234 (city of Huron), which is the primary requirement for application.

The rest of the parameters are as follows:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Have a child up to 5 years old.
  • Be pregnant.
  • Have an annual income less than $30,615 in ZIP code 93706, or $35,103 in 93234.

What is the amount of these stimulus checks?

The financial aids are a unique amount of $500 per month for an entire year, resulting in a total balance of $6,000 at the end of the twelve months of benefit.

The Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission and other local organizations raised more than a million dollars to make assistance payments as part of this guaranteed income.

Why are only two cities in Fresno applicable?

Only two communities in Fresno have been selected because they have the highest poverty rates in Fresno County.

According to official information, 32.3 percent of Huron’s population lives in poverty, and 39.6 percent of citizens in ZIP code 93706 in southwest Fresno suffer economic hardships.

For these reasons, these cities were selected to be part of the guaranteed income program in collaboration with the economic commission for financial assistance to vulnerable families.

What is the registration deadline to apply?

Applications have been open for those who meet the assistance requirements since March 15. The registration period is extended for two months and ends on May 15 of this year.

How is the selection process carried out?

The program will select a total of 150 eligible families in a lottery process based on all qualifying applications. An equal number of 75 candidates each from southwest Fresno and Huron will be chosen.

How can I submit my registration application?

You can submit your application online through this link, or alternatively, you can fill out a physical form for which you should go to the Local Conservation Corps of the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission at the Neighborhood Youth Center located at 1805 E. California Ave., or to the Huron Family Learning Center, located at 36602 Central Ave.

For more assistance information, you can contact this phone number (559) 263-1000.

It’s worth noting that those who register in the system and do not meet the eligibility criteria will be discarded during the verification and analysis process.

Amber Crowell, co-director of the Center for Community Voices at Fresno State, mentioned that her organization would provide counseling throughout the evaluation process and surveys to families once they receive the economic aid, aiming to make tangible differences in each household.

“Much of what happens in the first five years can affect the life trajectory, because it’s when the little ones learn basic skills and also develop physically, so we really want to see what impact this will have on their physical, emotional, and social life.”

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