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As part of a food tax refund program, stimulus checks in non-federal economic benefits will be granted to some eligible citizens according to information from the Department of Housing and Human Services, in the city of Boulder, Colorado.

Indeed, it is the city of Boulder, Colorado, whose most vulnerable residents will be able to qualify for this financial support for food tax refund requests valid until mid-this year.

All you need to know about eligible candidates, requirements to apply, the locality to which the assistance program is ascribed, as well as application reception periods and the amount to be credited, we will explain in detail below.

What are the eligibility requirements for this stimulus check?

Eligible citizens to obtain the food tax refund must first meet one of the three categories we list below:

  • Be 62 years or older for the entire year of 2023.
  • Have a disability condition.
  • Family with children under 18 years in the household for the entire year of 2023.

The applicant must fall into one of the three previously referred categories (senior, disabled, and minors), who will be the only citizens entitled to apply, since the assistance program seeks to help people in vulnerable conditions.

Once one of these three aspects is identified, the applicant must have been a resident of the city of Boulder for the entire year of 2023, so it only qualifies for this North American city of Colorado, and not for the entire state.

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In another order of classifications, the petitioner must comply with the basic financial eligibility guidelines determined by the Department, as there is a minimum income figure that defines the possibility of acceptance or denial of application.

What are the minimum incomes for financial admission?

Each household must meet minimum figures according to financial income based on the number of members to qualify in this assistance program, as related below:

  • Household of 1 member: Minimum income limit of $46,500.
  • Household of 2 members: Minimum income limit of $50,150.
  • Household of 3 members: Minimum income limit of $59,800.
  • Household of 4 members: Minimum income limit of $66,400.
  • Household of 5 members: Minimum income limit of $71,750.
  • Household of 6 members: Minimum income limit of $77,050.
  • Household of 7 members: Minimum income limit of $82,350.
  • Household of 8 members: Minimum income limit of $87,650.

Considering this data, each family must abide by these figures before applying. The total income from the 2023 federal tax form should be used, and if you are not required to file a tax return, you should use the figure of the total income from all sources.

What is the amount to be credited in this stimulus check?

The economic benefit will be credited to eligible candidates in two amounts. One of the figures establishes the amount of $104 for a single-member family, while for a household with more members, a maximum of up to $318 is determined.

Refunds will be mailed to each accepted household as the approval process progresses, so this could take up to two months.

What is the deadline for applying for a refund?

The food tax refund application period began on March 1 of this year and will be open for reception until June 30, 2024.

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Regarding this, official sources of information indicate that applications sent outside the specified date will not be accepted, as well as late documentations will not be approved.

Contact paths to apply are available to all interested parties from the following email address, and from this phone number 303-441-4261.

Furthermore, if you wish to expand information regarding these stimulus checks to be granted in Boulder, you can access this link.

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