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Within the category of the most expensive services in the United States, transportation is gaining ground, as it is the second largest average expense for an American family.

Currently, the national average price of regular gasoline is back in an inflationary field after rising this year, against which the president of “Lipow Oil Associates” –Andrew Lipow– points out that the monetary increase is due to the rise in the price of crude oil, since the organization of oil-exporting countries has extended its voluntary production cuts until the second quarter of this year.

The outlook, therefore, does not look encouraging, as Lipow himself has predicted a constant increase in the price of gasoline, and this March the average figure rises to $3.47 a gallon, which in an annual value translates into a significant increase.

Faced with these worrying forecasts of the monetary increase in gasoline, it is imperative to look for strategies to reduce as much as possible the expenses it may entail, and if that is your goal you have found the perfect site to answer your question of how to minimize fuel costs?

Use these mobile applications that help reduce gasoline costs

There are applications that can be used on any electronic device and greatly benefit the user in terms of monetary savings on fuel.

These digital interaction platforms facilitate both the location of low-cost gas stations and the possibility of exclusive discounts and navigation functions to help you locate sites according to your location, financial availability, and standard price according to the state or city.

Here are 4 free applications that will be of great help:


  • It is one of the most frequented applications by users, offering the possibility to access the cheapest gas station points according to your location, as well as facilitating access to a trip cost calculator to determine your vehicle’s consumption according to the journey, distance, and characteristics of the car you are traveling in.

It also allows you to consult the current average cost trend, as well as provides particulars of each gas station including public opinions and ratings.

GasBuddy Payment Benefits: The app offers you a free card that connects to your bank account through the Pay with GasBuddy payment program, a payment system that offers up to 25 cents off per gallon.


  • This app also allows access to the nearest gas stations from your location point and offers you the route from your position to the selected gas station.

Waze Payment Benefits: It also includes a contactless payment method at participating ExxonMobil and Shell gas stations, allowing you to proceed with payment from your phone once you arrive at the gas station and your vehicle comes to a complete stop.

Gas Guru

  • The application shows you gas station points in your area in contrast with prices, in addition to filtering options based on specific costs, fuel grade, and distance.


  • Using this app also gives you access to the nearest fuel points according to your location.

Chevron Payment Benefits: For the payment method, a personal card is introduced, either credit or debit, and it offers a discount based on the price established by the gas station you have selected.

At the time of making the payment, the total amount requested by the station is credited, but within a period of two to four days, the app makes the reimbursement in request of the invoice verification.

Use gas station rewards programs

To generate more frequent clientele, some gasoline service stations have established loyalty programs in the fuel market seeking to incentivize customer preference and repeat service use.

This procedure not only benefits the companies deploying their advertising marketing strategies in a competitive scenario with other gas stations for price and demand but also provides facilities to customers through discounts and rewards that can be extremely valuable.

Loyalty programs in this type of service are highly valued by users, as they receive immediate monetary gratifications in a high-demand service and result in savings for the customer.

So, users subscribed to these reward or loyalty programs will have royalties for every visit they make to the establishment. Each company establishes differentiating terms about it, some, for example, offer cents off per gallon each time you frequent the service, others instead of offering these direct discounts, allow the accumulation of points or establish exclusive promotions.

The reality of it is that it works effectively for users, this system of beneficial reciprocity will make you save more money in your monthly fuel expenses.

Take advantage of credit card incentives

The use of some credit cards can greatly benefit you when it comes to monetary savings, as many offer rewards for access to certain services such as gasoline purchases, and by using them you get special discounts every time you fill up with fuel.

Pay for gasoline in cash. There are stations that monetarily reward customers who pay the service in cash, and in this sense, they offer percentage offers in discount. The cents you save every time you pay in cash by frequenting these gas stations more often, in the long run, have their positive effect on your savings.

While the fuel service is one of the predominant expenses in the cost of living of an American citizen, there are also alternatives that can significantly counteract such effects, like the options detailed above.

In this regard, there are also other strategies that you should consider, which have been pointed out in recent days of March by the spokesperson of the American Automobile Association (AAA) -Gianella Chiglino- given the recent increases in the price of gasoline.

Regarding this, the specialist points out that among the elements to consider for fuel savings is to take care of the aerodynamics and weight of the car, since more than 50 percent of the engine power is projected to overcome aerodynamic resistance.

Coupled with this, it is necessary to maintain adequate levels in air conditioning, inflate tires with the appropriate pressure, reduce loads, maintain permitted speeds, and reduce displacements.

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