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Living in the United States and noticing your expenses continuously increasing? Can’t find ways to save money and minimize costs? Well, a highly effective strategy is the use of coupons, and the details we offer here will be very useful whether you’ve just arrived in the country, or you’ve been living in the nation for a while but are a beginner in this savings system.

Digital coupons make it possible to save money on product purchases through the offer of a discount percentage that, combined with other promotional options, even translates into shopping facilities for free!

Indeed, free shopping, and finding these options is much easier than you imagine. It’s just about taking advantage of the benefits that some store branches offer to take care of our economy.

We exemplify this procedure with the American company Walgreens – which operates the second-largest pharmacy chain in the United States – and markets health and wellness products, as well as pharmaceutical use items.

Firstly, you access by downloading the Walgreens app, and after installing the app on your electronic device, the user must create an account by providing an email and the respective password.

Once this procedure is carried out, we check the access to digital coupons for purchase through the app, which if available for certain items should be used as detailed below.

How to use digital coupons through the app?

  1. Select a purchase product.
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Our explanatory model will use as an example an item costing $4.

  1. Scan the barcode of the selected product.

Through the Walgreens app, in the barcode scanning option, we proceed to scan the product, and the app will automatically show us if there is the availability of using digital coupons for the selected item.

  1. Select the available digital coupon for discount.

In the app, the discount figure of the item on the total price of the product’s value is shown, so if the coupon offers a $2 discount on our initial product of $4, we would have access to it for just half of its principal value.

But here we have another cost reduction tip you can add to this previous purchase example, because if we consider any promotional offer of the store – for example, the acquisition of two or more items of a certain brand that offers a monetary return in catalina coupons – we would be adding more bonuses to our initial purchase.

What are catalina coupons?

Catalina coupons are printed at the cash register after making a purchase by the customer who meets the promotional offers announced for certain items. It is a user bonus that establishes a monetary return on the total amount to be paid.

How do I integrate catalina coupons into my purchase?

These coupons bear the figure of monetary return to the customer, and with them, you can purchase any other product with the estimated value in the store, it can be used to reduce the total cost of the purchase at the moment, and even accumulate them for a next purchase in the store.

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Thus, the combination of digital coupons through the application, with the advantage of promotional offers of monetary return with catalina coupons, allows us to obtain items completely free.

The use of coupons in the United States becomes a highly practical savings strategy that is easily manageable. Couponing your purchases can significantly minimize your monthly expense figure and reward free items. Put these effective strategies into practice and protect your finances.

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