Financial Aid for Tornado Victims in the U.S.: How to Obtain It

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The management of assistance strategies in response to natural disasters by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides economic benefits to some eligible candidates in Ohio who have been recently affected.

The state has been impacted by tornadoes that began on March 14, leading some counties to declare a state of emergency due to the severe weather damage.

In response to this situation, and to counteract the harmful effects that have caused both material and human damage, Ohio is offering tax relief for residents and businesses in the area, and has extended the tax filing deadline to provide relief to those affected.

Who is eligible for these relief benefits?

Citizens who are under legal protection are those in a natural disaster area as defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), as part of the recovery program applied in these cases.

The selected counties in Ohio that reported extreme weather impacts are:

  • Auglaize
  • Crawford
  • Darke
  • Delaware
  • Hancock
  • Licking
  • Logan
  • Mercer
  • Miami
  • Richland
  • Union

What measures have been taken for those affected?

The tax filing and payment deadline, originally set for April 15, 2024, has been extended to September 3, 2024, due to the natural disaster circumstances.

This also applies to taxpayers making their 2023 retirement plans, including IRA and HSA contributions. The original deadlines of April 15 and June 17 have also been extended to September.

Similarly, tax-exempt organizations with deadlines up to May 15 are included in this extension, providing three additional months for filing.

If a citizen needs a further extension after the new deadline, they can submit Form 4868 and make payments before September.

Is it possible to apply for financial assistance as an affected person?

Yes, it is possible to apply for financial assistance to address material damages caused by the tornadoes. Other resources such as water, food, cleaning supplies, temporary shelter, home repairs, and unmet needs not covered by insurance are also available.

Affected individuals have the right to apply for and access FEMA funds, provided they are approved and submit evidence of material damage. These funds are grants and do not require repayment.

According to official reports, nearly 100 applicants from the mentioned counties have been approved for FEMA monetary assistance, with more than $1 million available for citizen recovery assistance.

The FEMA Individual Assistance Program aims to provide necessary relief to citizens affected by natural disasters during the recovery process.

Federal FEMA coordinator Toney Raines stated: “This achievement is just the beginning of FEMA’s commitment to ensure that survivors in Ohio have the resources they need to recover meaningfully.”

How can I apply for financial assistance through FEMA?

If you have been affected by the recent tornadoes and need financial assistance, you can visit this site for the information you need.

You can also contact FEMA by phone at 800-621-3362 for Spanish or 1-202-646-2500 for English.

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