March 2024 Visa Bulletin: Changes Benefit Applicants for Visas to the United States

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Recently, the United States government published the Visa Bulletin for March 2024, showcasing advancements in the family preference categories F1 to F4 due to family claims.

Experts consider this to be one of the most comprehensive and progressive bulletins in recent times, and its guidelines will take effect starting March 1st.

Several changes favorable to those waiting for appointments are highlighted in this visa bulletin, as reported in the section on family-sponsored preferences.

  • In the F1 category, for unmarried sons and daughters of U.S. citizens, processing will be up to February 8, 2015, advancing one month and seven days in the proceedings up to that date.
  • For the F2A category, which includes spouses and children of permanent residents, the date is set to February 8, 2020, moving almost five months forward in the proceedings. This supposedly will allow those who applied for their visa of this type before the indicated date to conclude their process.
  • The F2B category for unmarried sons and daughters aged 21 or older of permanent residents will process up to November 22, 2015, practically including 2 months in the period.
  • The F3 visa, granted to married sons and daughters of U.S. citizens, a category that has been practically halted, sets in the bulletin the date of October 1, 2009, translating to an advance of six months.
  • Lastly, the F4 category or sibling petitions, another category that usually does not advance much, established a date up to June 8, 2007.

All of the above means that those who applied for visas up to the dates established in each of the visa categories will soon receive their appointments.

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It’s important to review all necessary documents for errors, and if you are covered by a priority date, you should quickly settle your personal affairs in your country of residence.

Even if the application falls within the dates, another aspect to consider is that the so-called six steps must have been approved before October 2022.

The fact that the visa appears available in the bulletin is not sufficient; it must also align with who is being given appointments.

A visa is available when the bulletin is at or above your priority date (the date on which the petition is made and immigration confirms through I797 that your case was accepted).

Many families will benefit from the proposed changes starting March 1st.

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