Inefficiency and Corruption Shake the Agricultural Pillars of Cuba: The Ministry of Agriculture Takes Measures

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Other events of corruption and crime have been acknowledged in Cuba, this time regarding two of the most important agricultural indicators of the nation.

In line with the auditing process in all economic spheres in Cuba, the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud reviews the compliance of local producers’ cow milk delivery to the Pinar industry and the livestock.

As expected, the commissions designated for this purpose detected deficiencies that will be addressed by the Ministry of Agriculture and that once again demonstrate the inefficiency in the application of the established norms for this purpose.

Daniel Parra, delegate of the Ministry of Agriculture in the municipality, acknowledged that there is a lack of rigor in the inspections.

Detected Indisciplines

Among the main indisciplines is the failure to declare the actual number of calf births, which in turn concealed the collection of milk that would be destined for dairy processing.

Upon reviewing other aspects related to the management and control of the herds, it was found that some producers are unaware of the protocols on feeding and other aspects.

Livestock Management Deficiencies

In many cases, those who manage the livestock do not apply, apparently due to ignorance, certain essential strategies to control their own breeding.

Genetic improvement and veterinary care, essential for achieving better development of the livestock and keeping them in good physical condition, are overlooked.

Also unknown are the appropriate sites for the herds to rest and the importance of separating them by ages and according to their reproductive status.

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Environmental and Health Standards

It is significant to have the manure pile delimited, and this was another deficiency found; many are still unaware of feces management, essential for the animals to keep their space clean and not to be reinfected with parasites that could affect the quality of the milk.

The authorities indicated that in relevant cases, fines will be imposed on those who fail to comply with what is projected in the contracting plans, and the compulsory purchase of the herd from the offenders will also be applied.

This is another of the exercises being carried out on the island and that will gradually be directed towards all national regions.

The results of the most recent indicated that state workers had received between 2 and 22 years of deprivation of freedom in the gastronomic sector for various crimes.

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