Flights from the United States to Cuba in May: Here are the Best Deals for Travel

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What are the airlines that fly from the United States to the Island? How much does an airplane ticket on this route cost? What are the best days to travel in May? What advantages do charter flights to Cuba offer?

As promised, at D-Cuba we continue to facilitate your decisions so you can take care of your budget and achieve your goals of traveling to the Greater Antilles. This time with flights from the United States.

In this country, by 2020, there was a community of more than 1.3 million Cubans, a number that has been increasing in recent years, as well as the interest of North Americans in knowing the Island. These lines are written for you, which will ensure the necessary information to fly safely and economically to Cuba next month.

In May, there will be a large number of airlines flying over American and Cuban skies. Among the most popular and followed by travelers, we can mention: Southwest Airlines, United, American Airlines, British Airways, Spirit Airlines, DELTA, Frontier Airlines, Alaska Airlines.

But, among so many offers, where to find the best for May?

Here we tell you! Although to start, you should know some price trends. It is not the same to buy a flight at the beginning or end of the month, or to buy it at the beginning or end of the week. Generally, the cheapest flights are found in the first days of the month, and at the end of the month, they appear at a higher price. Likewise, it is preferable to travel at the beginning of the week, say, on a Monday; flights on Fridays or Saturdays increase in price by a few dollars.

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Even so, some airlines surprise with excellent prices in the first days of the month. Let’s start with DELTA, which offers, for example, a ticket in economy class for May 5 for only 105 USD, on the Miami – Havana route.

In recent days, the cheapest flights from the United States to Cuba were around 120 USD with Havana as the destination, 174 USD for the destination Santa Clara (Villa Clara), 230 USD to Varadero, and 255 USD to Holguín. In contrast, these data reveal that May will be a good month to travel to the Island with economical prices.

For the beginning of the month, the most competitive airlines with their offers are DELTA, American Airlines, Copa Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United. Prices range from 105 USD (DELTA) to 156 USD (United), with intermediate values of 133 USD (American Airlines), 134 USD (Southwest Airlines), and 135 USD (Copa Airlines).

On the other hand, and just as we mentioned earlier, in the last fortnight of the month prices go up a bit more. But if your interest is to travel during these dates, you should know which are the best offers provided by the airlines from the United States to Cuba.

For this last half of May, Southwest Airlines stops being an option by launching prices like the one of 370 USD –the cheapest–, and many above 500 dollars. Fortunately for travelers, there are more economical alternatives.

American Airlines values its tourist class seats at 158 USD or 184 USD, depending on days and schedules. For 221 USD you can travel with Aeroméxico, for 261 USD with Southwest Airlines, and for 297 USD on one of United’s planes.

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But, undoubtedly, the airline with the most competitive prices for these dates will be DELTA, which sells the ticket for an adult in economy class for values between 115 USD and 148 USD, a lower range than any of the competitors.

Of course, the prices we are talking about were consulted hours before the publication of this work, and airlines usually offer tickets for upcoming months at a lower price. As the date of the query approaches the date of the flight, it will be difficult to find such promotions.

All fares are subject to change until tickets are purchased. Our suggestion is to plan your trip and decide to buy the ticket in advance, so you can save a few dollars.

And charter flights to Cuba? What advantages do they offer?

One of the most popular and used options among Cubans living in the United States when they intend to visit the Island is to travel on charter flights. This type of flight is characterized by having a destination with little traffic, and its capacities are usually given to operators who take care of their distribution and sale.

For this reason, buying a ticket on a charter is usually closed by the most traditional marketing methods: the offices of travel agencies. Although for the case of the U.S. – Cuba, we bring you a proposal from an agency with which you can book online.

Charter flights, in general, have a price higher than the best previously mentioned in this text from the airlines, but they also offer greater stability in the offer. That is, the variations in their rates are not as unstable as in the rest of the airlines.

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The high cost is because they offer the possibility of hiring it for a specific day, time, and destination; depending on the needs of its users. Also in relation to the typology of the charter flight. Because yes, the offers are for private, public, and shared flights.

In the private charter, a single client rents a plane for himself, usually a small plane, and all the travel expenses are on his account. Public charters are offered at certain seasons and times, and are usually operated by regular or low-cost airlines. In shared charters –the most used by Cuban-Americans– tickets are sold individually to each passenger.

The agency Cubazul Air Charter, specialized in the route from the United States to Cuba, offers flights for May from Miami to Havana every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the month, for 338 USD. A stable price, regardless of whether it is the beginning or end of the month or week.

Which of all these is the option of your interest? What other route to the Island would you like us to talk about in future articles? Let us know through D-Cuba’s social networks.

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