Do You Live Outside Cuba and Left an Elderly Adult Alone on the Island? This Agency Can Help You Take Care of Them

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A Cuban private agency could help you take care of your elderly family member if you are abroad and do not have additional family support.

A micro, small, and medium-sized enterprise (MIPYME) driven by women, created in 2022 and the first of its kind in the country, dedicates its entrepreneurship to the care of elderly adults who require monitoring.

It’s TaTamanía, offering comprehensive and personalized care in the attention of grandparents, a service already present in Havana, Villa Clara, Camagüey, Granma, Guantánamo, and Baracoa.

These services extend not only to care in homes but also include attention when the client is hospitalized, according to the agency’s official site.

According to the information, the caregivers are endorsed through accreditation courses for caregivers promoted by the public health system, and their responsibility once incorporated into TaTamanía covers various areas of work.

In addition to direct care for the elderly and their accompaniment with an emphasis on nutrition, hygiene, and medication administration, they focus on physical exercise routines and cognitive stimulation.

According to the program’s promotion, these individuals also perform other domestic tasks in the homes to which they are assigned to lighten the workload within the family.

The hiring could be done by hours, full days, or nights, depending on the contractor’s needs.

Viewing it from the perspective of the aging population rate in Cuba, it is a well-chosen branch by the business administrators.

In Cuba, more than 20 percent of the population is over 60 years old, and if we add the number of people who have emigrated in the last two years, then there are many who would need these care services.

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However, something catches the eye, and it is that in their official sites in addition to promoting the security of their services and all that can be achieved in the welfare of the grandfather or grandmother, no prices are published.

It would be necessary to know how much each hiring modality costs to estimate whether, although I have the need, I can pay for the contract.

For the time being, some people have unofficially expressed that it is a business that would only benefit grandparents with relatives abroad.

Certain publications refer that the agency charges between 150 and 220 CUP per hour, i.e., about 47 to 69 cents of U.S. dollar, a rate that could vary according to the care.

It’s not bad for those who earn in U.S. dollars, but for those living in Cuba, it’s not the same.

A salaried or retired person in Cuba could not afford the services, not even dream of it with the salary and much less with the pension payment.

Despite this limitation, it could be said that it is a well-thought-out business and useful for those from outside the island who can afford it and keep their elderly family members safe and cared for.

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