Díaz-Canel Speaks: Cuba Premieres New “Communication with the People” Space

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Cuba recently premiered a new communications space to inform the population about the hottest points on the national agenda.

From the Presidency” is the program launched this Thursday on the government platform and broadcasted through the island’s television channels.

Its usual host will be Miguel Díaz-Canel, President of Cuba, and the premiere addressed issues related to the protests that occurred in the country last Sunday when the crowd took to the streets to demand electricity and food.

The current state of electricity generation, blackouts, causes, and possible solutions to the problem affecting the population and threatening the government with future insurrections due to general discontent were also discussed.

“The coming days will be better. Thanks to our people for their heroism and for the inspiration they provoke in us to do a better job”

Díaz-Canel assured when referring to the issue at the end of this first installment.

Each week, one of these spaces will be broadcasted to communicate the status of important issues for the population and to explain the deficiencies and achievements of the same.

It is anticipated that next week the discussion will be about the food supply, a topic that, together with electricity, constitutes the second pillar of the March 18 protests.

International observers indicate that the inauguration of the space is vital if the government wants to create an environment of communication and feedback with the people about their main problems and difficulties and their solutions.

Despite this, some internet users on the network, including Cubans, believe that it is just a facade to give the image that they are with the people and that there is communication at all times, thus ensuring a long life for the current administration.

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