Cuban Special Envoy Travels to Kenya to Clarify Possible Death of Cuban Doctors

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A high-ranking Cuban special envoy is in Kenya to clarify the possible death of Cuban doctors who may have died in that territory.

Esteban Lazo, president of the National Assembly of People’s Power in Cuba, is carrying out “urgent efforts with the highest authorities of that country in search of cooperation and clarification in light of recent news,” says the official statement from MINREX.

The Incident Involving Cuban Doctors

Two Cuban doctors, according to unofficial press sources, had died during a bombing by the United States military on certain positions of the Somali-origin terrorist group Al-Shabaab in Somalia, a group that had kidnapped the Cuban doctors in April 2019.

The Cuban doctors Assel Herrera and Landy Rodríguez could have lost their lives in that attack, but so far this is not information confirmed by the Cuban government.

Diplomatic Efforts for Clarification

The exchange and efforts that began on February 18, the date on which the supposed death of the doctors was announced, will continue until it can be known about the truthfulness or not of the facts.

The Cuban government has informed about its communication and efforts with both the Kenyan and Somali governments seeking to know what truly happened about this military operation and the fate of the Cuban doctors.

The US Drone Bombing

Supposedly the US drone bombing took place in the town of Dilib, in Somalia, during the night of February 15.

Three days later, when the news was known, Cuba requested clarification from the United States government on the issue, but it has not yet responded.

Therefore, it is not known how much truth there is or not in the news that has gone around the world and that many take for granted.

Lack of Detailed Information

Details about this military operation, its justification, and care for international humanitarian law to protect the lives of civilians in the attack area are also not known.

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