Cheap Flights to Cuba from Miami: Here are the Best Prices and Dates to Travel in May

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This May includes a special day of family celebration for Mother’s Day, and many residing in Miami plan to travel to the island to celebrate the date with their loved ones.

Perhaps you are one of those still planning your trip, but for economic reasons prefer to know which week of the month offers cheaper flights, on which airline, what days are most feasible for travel, during what times, and what class offers the most flexibility in your total payment amount.

Here we have all the updated information at your fingertips, saving you search time and providing the details you need.

Flight Availability Update:

We regret to inform our readers that flights covering the air route between Miami and Havana on United Airlines and Southwest Airlines have already sold out their tickets for the entire month of May in both Economy Class and Business or First and Premium Classes.

Therefore, the available flight offers for the rest of the month can be found on American Airlines and Delta.

Price of Flights from Miami to Cuba on American Airlines during May 2024

  • Premium Class: Higher fares towards the end of the month, varying from $497 to $527 for non-stop flights of approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Mid-month, prices range from $338 to $452.
  • Main Cabin: End of May fares from $247 to $317. Mid-month offers flights from $173 to $197.
  • Best Days to Fly: Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays with prices from $138 to $158 during the transition from the first to the second fortnight.
  • Other Destinations: Flights to Holguin, Varadero, Santiago, Camagüey, and Santa Clara vary, with mid-month generally offering better rates.
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Price of Flights from Miami to Cuba on Delta during May 2024

  • Main Cabin and First Class: Highest prices at the start of the month, decreasing significantly mid-month to $158 for morning flights and $182 for evening flights in the Main Cabin. First Class rates drop to about $337 at both times. By the end of May, the lowest fare of the month drops to $138 in the Main Cabin.
  • Comfort Class: Morning flights start at $495, with evening prices at $377.

Which airline is the cheapest for flights from Miami to Cuba this May?

Delta offers the most economical fares, particularly towards the end of May, with Main Cabin prices dropping below $150.

However, if for some reason you choose American Airlines for your trip due to the variety of destinations it offers throughout Cuba – an advantage compared to Delta – then we suggest booking mid-month flights in the Main Cabin for amounts under $200 and preferably booking flights from Sunday to Tuesday to Havana.

For those interested in traveling to Varadero, booking towards the end of the month could also secure a fare under $200 in the Main Cabin, particularly for evening flights.

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