Attention Irregular Migrants!: Anti-Immigrant Law SB4 Comes into Effect in Texas

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Irregular migrants in Texas must tread lightly from now on following the authorization for the controversial anti-immigrant law SB4 to come into effect.

Recently, the United States Supreme Court lifted the suspension that had been extended by Judge Samuel Alito until last Monday, March 18.

A divided decision reached a majority among the judges who determined the viability of the law to control the presence of migrants without legal status in that state.

As a result, it is very important that if you find yourself in this situation within the state borders, you know the content of the law and what you should do.

Remember that you could seek legal guidance about your case with a lawyer, request a hearing with a judge, ask for a hearing date in some court, and claim bail.

What we do not recommend is that you sign your voluntary departure from the country, as this could complicate your future intentions of re-entering the United States.

It is also very important that you know that even following these tips, it could not be guaranteed that you will be allowed to stay in Texas.

Although it is difficult news for the entire migrant community, do not despair, as there is still legal ground to cover.

With the decision, several points remained unclear, such as the date of entry into force of the law, whether it has a constitutional character, and it was not mentioned where the expelled would go, although Mexico could presumably be the destination.

This is just another step in the court battle between the state governorship and the Biden administration, which since its proposal has pushed for a veto not only because of its content generating hate and discrimination towards that community but also for considering it a violation of federal authority.

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According to U.S. laws, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals could block the measure again and then enter into an appeal process before the Supreme Court, and the Biden administration will not miss that opportunity.

An issue that seems to have no end and that keeps irregular migrants in suspense who could be detained, deported, imprisoned, and empowers police and state judges to issue such orders.

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