Are You Planning to Import Products to Cuba? This New Online Platform Can Help You

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A new online platform for importing more than 2400 products authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade is now available for entrepreneurs on the island.

This is Fruxelimport, a technological tool driven by the state-owned company Frutas Selectas and the private software company Pyxel Solutions.

Through it, you can carry out the entire import process from your mobile or computer wherever you are, being attended to at any time of the day, as it has 24-hour open support.

The platform is designed so you can monitor the real times of your orders with automated operations that will not only reduce the annoying delayed procedures in offices but also save you the waiting time for containers.

The service guarantees that the processes are carried out under legal precepts and includes the extraction at the port and transportation of goods to the destination indicated by the client if these modalities are contracted.

If this seems like an attractive option for your personal venture, here we leave you all the information you need to start using it.

How do I order my import?

To place your order, you must go to the official Fruxelimport site, which you can do through this link, where you can register to become part of the client portfolio.

Then you can make the import request, and a team of specialists will receive your petition, following up on all the regulated documentation for those operations.

Once your order is in progress, the page will allow you to monitor the imports from the moment of purchase until their arrival in the country.

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You could also contract the transportation of your load with Fruta Selectas; the company would take care of transporting it to the destination point you determine.

Other important notes

An important thing to consider when using the platform is that Fruxelimport will only charge for the import services, but it does not include the charges of suppliers and companies.

And although the automated process itself speeds up operations, the response times for some of them would depend on the permits granted by the country’s institutions that issue them.

The platform will evolve in the future, adding new improved possibilities for economic actors and in tune with the relaxation of the norms that the Ministry of Foreign Trade changes or introduces.

For now, it is expected to add business intelligence, a tool that would help clients weigh the cost-benefit of their commercial operations.

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